Monitoring and Management NPM

NPM – Network Planner and Manager is a new addition to our Grid Operation Tools portfolio from VIVAVIS. It is a web based operation tool designed specifically for advanced water management. It is capable of providing a real-time monitoring and operational insights for an entire water network, right from the resources to the consumer. It has Geographic location based facility and pipe network management via maps integrated with GIS, and data exchange between various existing systems such as SCADA, ERP, Hydraulic Modelling systems and Metering Systems

It provides Loss – Leakage Analysis, calculations in the relevant standards and network optimization, DMA – District metered area, pressure and flow management. The Network Planner and Manager is a modular system can it be extended by various functions such as leakage detection and analysis, District Metered Areas (DMA) management, Water Transmission and Distribution pipeline management, Water Quality analysis, Pressure and flow management and many others. Further, being in compliance with the International Water Association (IWA) standards, various mathematical calculations can be done directly on the system such as creation of Water Balance Table, Minimum Nightflow analysis, and so on. Flexibility is offered to the users to create their own customised dashboard with monitor key assets and areas as well. In addition to preventing losses and leaks, it contributes to extending the economic life of the infrastructure, reducing operating capacities and increasing subscriber satisfaction by enabling the operation of the network at optimum pressure.

With data analysis, report, graphics and event management, it enables fast and accurate decision making in the enterprise.

The modular structure provides continuous expansion and improvement in the enterprise with its flexible use.

Pressure and Flow Management
Critical Point
Pressure Management
Night Flow
Water Balance Table
Analysis, reports
IWA- International
water association
Advanced Water Management

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